Missouri Meat Goats

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At Missouri Meat Goats, our inventory is always changing. But whether you want quality kids, yearlings, does or bucks, you will love our goats!

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Missouri Meat Goats is a Family Farm in Northwest Missouri by Cameron Missouri raising Quality Kiko Goats. We have a large herd of Registered New Zealand , Purebred and Commercial Kiko goats. We Register goats with the AKGA - American Kiko Goat Association and the NKR - National Kiko Registry. The Kiko breed is known for their superior maternal instincts, longer productive years of the does, greater parasite resistance, rapid growth rate of kids, less foot problems, fewer health issues and aggressive foraging which gives them substantial weight gains with natural input. We normally have some Kiko goats for sale including Does , Doelings , Bucks , Bucklings and kids. We have a lot of goats so tell us what you are looking for and maybe we can put a package together that suits your needs. Feel free to give us a call to check availability. Thanks, Tom 816-632-2222

Thanks to all of our Goat Friends we have made along the way and the many more we have not met yet.